Connect Areas of Your Property With a Custom Walkway

Turn to us for sidewalk and walkway installations in Medford, OR and surrounding areas

A professionally poured sidewalk can enhance the appearance of your property and make every part of your yard accessible. If you're looking for concrete sidewalk installation services, look no further than UNITY CONSTRUCTION LLC. We can create walkways throughout your yard in the Medford, OR area. Call 541-499-4918 today to learn more about our sidewalk and walkway installation services.

What kind of areas are best for a walkway?

Arranging for a walkway installation can make your home more easily accessible. You may want to install pathways that will...

  • Wind their way to your front door
  • Connect your detached garage to the back door
  • Meander through your flower garden

We'll make sure your walkways and sidewalks are designed and installed to your exact specifications. Contact us today to schedule a concrete sidewalk installation.